Topeka JUMP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, established in 2012 by a group of clergy in Shawnee County, Kansas, looking for a way to live out God’s call to do justice. SHMC was a founding member of this organization and has been actively involved in each of the issues JUMP addressed, as well as organizational leadership.  For more information about Topeka JUMP and the issues this diverse group is addressing follow this link.

I-Care worker

I-Care is a food pantry serving those in the East Topeka area who need assistance.   Southern Hills partnered with several other churches in the early 1970’s to start this service for the local community.  We continue to support this vital need by supplying food, volunteers, board members, and whatever is needed to help our neighbors.

A Peace position is central to Southern Hills.  We were originally founded primarily by conscientous objectors coming to Topeka to perform alternative serivce during the Korean war.  That spirit continues as we support the Topeka Center for Peace and Justice and the Mennonite conference in looking for peaceful alternatives to war and aggression.

Peace Pole